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The floorplan has been published! Feel welcome to stop by table 41 and say hello!

Afternoontreat will be there too!

Boothbabe ready for action~!(^∇^)

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sweet little things: Regarding dolls

Gah I’ve been waiting for the day to see you in the doll hobby again~! Your dollies and crafts have always been so inspiring (and you as a person ^_~)

And yay for Chloe! *has one home and another on the way*

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Ldoll Festival 4, flights booked~

Yay finally booked my flight tickets for the Ldoll-weekend in Lyon. So excitinggg! >w < I’ll be dropping by in Zurich during my flight plan which is also rather awesome, I’ve never been on Swiss land before. :3

Flights operated by.. Helvetic Airways. TA T help

I get to see many of my dear friends that I’ve made through this hobby, that has to be the best highlight of the trip! ;u;

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Getting ready to go to town to send a few wigs to their new homes~!

Getting ready to go to town to send a few wigs to their new homes~!

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Home at last. This is my first grey doll so wow let me take a moment to appreciate how pretty the resin colour is. She is even surprisingly sturdy with the random, a bit ill-fitting Galena talons I threw on her.

Not too keen on the darn hearts on the otherwise pretty extra hands but I’ll come up with a solution for the issue. ^^

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Ball-jointed dolls

A bit of history and what this hobby means to me:

I’ve been in the hobby actively since late 2006. During the spare time I get for myself after work and other responsibilities I try to be creative. Doing things myself and improving my skills, whether it’s crafting, painting, customizing or photography, has been a big part of the hobby and indeed for me the main appeal in these dolls in general. It is like a collective channel that allows us hobbyists to be creative in so many ways.

I don’t tend to create strong, well-thought characters or background stories for my dolls. They are purely chosen and ‘built’ for aesthetic purposes. In this way I am probably partly also a collector even though I always try to put my personal touch in all of them and some of them might even have stronger personality features to inspire the style of their face-up or clothing. At times the ‘personalities’ and ‘stories’ the dolls portray may vary even between individual photoshoots so occasionally it can be challenging to keep up, apologies. I do give names to all my dolls however.

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